Approach to creating websitesWebsite development. Stages of the project

The process of creating the project as an example of developing a website.

Website development - is difficult and time consuming, but formalized and controlled process. You have to understand that a modern website - a high-tech and sophisticated product that can not be trusted freelancers or amateurs.WEB Embassy– is a professional team that have the power to implement the project, regardless of the size and complexity of the task.

Drafting statement of work
Creating a site concep
Website design
Creating a site layout
Logic programming
Creating an administration panel
Testing and debugging website
Drafting statement of work

Technical project is the first step.
At this stage, thought out idea, ideology and structure of the future project.

Documenting functionality and building logical chains and other elements of the project. If necessary, the definition of external services, API and SDK.

Creating a site concept

Schematic representation of the site concept, location of the elements, defining the principles of layout and project adaptability design.

Schematic description of the site administrative panel and a set of modules dynamic content. Design database architecture.

Website design

Design project by graphic visualization.
At this stage, there is a choice of style, forms, elements, colors, fonts selection of harmonious design.

Creating a site layout

Stage layout website using the latest standards and technologies.
HTML5 + CSS3 + jQuery + JavaScript. Adding animation, dynamic elements and effects.

Creating incremental options adaptive web design and making the last corrections.

Logic programming

Program logic implementation in the public part of website. Programming necessary functions and combining them into the general logic of the project. Compliance with the rules of "good taste" of programming and follow the highest standards of writing code.

Connecting and setting up the database.

Creating an administration panel

Program part implementation of the website administration panel. Writing the required functions and modules for the correct operation of the dynamic elements of a public project. Compliance with the rules of "good taste" of programming and follow the highest standards of writing code.

Connecting the public part of the cache and translation system for multi-language sites.

Testing and debugging website

The final stage of testing and debugging the whole website. Elimination of defects and errors, if any are identified.

Transfer the project to the public server / hosting, adaptation and run the project.

Website support

Website support - last but not least, design phase. It will allow your website to be a reliable, modern and functional, constantly increasing its functionality, efficiency and profitability for its owners.

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