Corporate identity development Creating a corporate identity in Riga Style, branding and creation of brand book
  • Corporate style creation

    Corporate (brand) style – this is something without which today can not do no modern company that wants to develop. Corporate identity creates for consumers, customers and partners first impression, which plays a very important role in the future cooperation!

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Development of corporate identity and elements

Brand book and corporate identity
  • Corporate identity is developed based on the logo or mark and is divided into the following stages:
  • Corporate identity is developed based on the logo An overall analysis of the company and the current market segment.
  • Logo and corporate identity development Logo and corporate style. Development of standards and guidelines for applying corporate symbols on the media style. Carrier of style can be anything - a small, internal documentation, outdoor advertising, website, office building.
  • Logo and corporate identity creation Identify the distinguishing features of the company, the formation of the idea of the semantic image, which will be fundamental in the corporate style of the company. In this image made ​​not only graphic elements, but also the psychology of sales (e.g., aggressive marketing) and the geographical location of the company.
  • logo, business card, envelope, website, folder, letterhead Identifying the main elements: trailblazing idea, colors and fonts.
  • Use of corporate identity (brand book) Preparation of a manual on the use of corporate identity (brand book).
Business card or simply card

Business card

Corporate card. Two-sided. Creative and eye-catching design. High quality manufacturing.

Corporate envelope

Envelope with brand logo used when sending mail and courier deliveries. Envelopes are used in two international formats. C4 (229 324mm) for sending documents in A4 format and S6/S5 (114 to 229mm), for A4 folded three times.

Corporate envelope
Corporate folder

Corporate folder

Branded folder is used to store and transfer A4 documents, and promotes a positive image of the company.


In the case of multi-page document on letterhead printed only the first page. Blanks recommended to replicate on white, matte, uncoated paper.

Development of corporate letterhead
Corporate identity - corporate pen

Corporate pen

Pen with the company logo is an essential part of a modern company.

Corporate badge

The main use of badges - identification of people who do not know each other, but due to circumstances, should communicate. For example, the conferences are always accompanied by the issuance of its participants badges.

Corporate badge
Corporate calendar creation

Corporate calendar

Desktop calendar with company logo will please the eye.

Corporate mug

Branded mug with company logo is an indispensable part of every break.

Branded cup in corporate style
Design corporate bag

Corporate bag

Beautiful and comfortable bag is not only practical but also plays an important role in promoting your brand.